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  April 4 2006 - February 4 2017

Daisy-Mae was a beautiful brindle Scottie through and through but did enjoy being a Westie Wannabe in honor of the Westie Walks. She was always out front with the pipers,loved the agility trials at Ottawa and totally enjoy her day as a Westie.

Her grumbly exterior hid a heart of gold. From day one she enjoyed a special bond with Dollee-Mae and also her puppies and sadly that bond was so strong she quickly followed her best friend to the Bridge. She had several ailments but we truly believe her heart was broken when Dollee-Mae passed and she quit fighting and left to be with her forever.

Daisy-Mae you were so loved and will always be missed but we will see you both again. How lucky we were to have had a dog that made saying goodbye so hard!