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On March 31, 2014 we said goodbye to Fraser, our much loved little Westie as we held her in our arms.

Just over 17 years ago, we brought Fraser home with us when she was approximately 9 weeks old. She was the smallest one in her litter, had a little pink nose (that eventually turned black) but had been the first one out of the whelping box and was already displaying terrier characteristics and 'Westitude'.

She grew up to be a classic Westie with that 'little white spark' that charmed all who came in contact with her. She had spunk, determination and devotion all stuffed into her little compact body. She made us laugh and was affectionate albeit in her own way and on her own terms (terriers!!).

Fraser epitomized the following description of Westies - " possessed with no small amount of self always know when there is a Westie in the room and you are frequently reminded of your good fortune".

Although we knew this day was coming, no words can express how much we miss her. The house seems very empty - Fraser was small in stature but big in personality.

We will love you forever Fraser.