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  I adopted JJ on January 5/13 at the age of 13.

She had been posted on the WIN FB page as an emergency adoption. One of her elderly owners had died and the other one was in hospital due to a stroke.

When Chance, Winnie, Hope, Tictac and Lucky met JJ, they accepted her right away. She became the matriarch of the pack JJ loved going for walks at the soccer fields, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, cheese and blueberry yogurt. She would wait by the oven for the cookies to come out to get the first warm sample.

JJ was not a cuddler or a kissy Westie but when she did give me a kiss it was very precious and I cherished each one. In JJs final days she let me hold her and rock her in the chair and gave me loads of precious kisses. I think she was letting me know it was ok to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Hope.

Although I only had JJ for 2.5 years we all loved her very much and miss her and think of her every day. JJ is in heaven with her previous owner Phyllis, watching over us now.

Always by my side. Forever in my heart.