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  Ellie; who went by a few names Miss Ellie, Ellie-Mai, Munchkin and Munch. I tend to think she preferred Munch because when I would say the name an alertness and playfulness beyond her normal demeanor would come over her.

Munch was a true Westie in every way, from her tenacious drive to her fun loving, social character. It is this socialness that touched a number of people including myself. Since I rescued Munch, when she was only 7 weeks from a puppy mill, she immediately showed her social colors with everyone she came in contact with. Now, one might say that this is how she was supposed to act because all puppies are affectionate, still this part of her personality stayed and grew with her throughout her life.

There was never an outing; a walk where she wouldn’t stop and wait for the person walking behind us to come near us or run up to folks passing by so she could lay on her charm. She brought smiles and laughter to elderly women and men; so often that when they would see me without Ellie, they’d become concern and question her whereabouts, once they knew she was fine, they’d ask how I was; I had to smile. She managed to win over a few homeless people in my neighborhood and by doing so I saw the joy she brought them and I gave any; all pocket change whenever I could saying it was from Ellie and me. A woman who often sat on the park bench where we’d go told me that she came to park hoping to see Ellie and that when she didn’t see us she was sad. The woman always allowed Ellie to lick her face and bring a stick to her, Munch loved playing fetch.

We always played fetch but after Ellie’s diagnosis in mid- February, I made sure that stick fetching would be a ritual with every walk, no matter the length because Ellie loved this. Ellie was equally sociable towards other dogs no matter the size or breed. I recall during a visit to a nearby vet’s office, a man brought in his frail elderly Cocker Spaniel to be put to sleep. The poor pooch was blind and in pain; Ellie went to him and licked his face; a few tears fell from my eyes and later I held; hugged her so much.

There was never an incident where another dog showed aggressiveness to Ellie, though within the last month of her life dogs she had known for while, like a Westie pal of hers tried to turn on her. They didn’t injure her in any way as they would have had to go through me and I was always her protector. The owners were baffled as to why their dogs were acting like that. I think that perhaps they sensed Ellie’s illness and were scared.

Before Ellie, I rarely said hello to anyone I encountered while walking, today I often will smile and say hello, give money whenever I can and other times I just smile because I can see my little Munch winning the people over. She was an amazing companion and wonderful friend. I miss her so much because she was my little girl and by touching so many people with her friendliness, her kindness she taught me and others a few valuable lessons in life.

Rest in peace, I love you Munch XXX

Ellie loved laying on the poof near my balcony window looking out the window and taking in the warmth from the sun..... thanks Corrie ......and in the evening of February 23rd I came across your site and everything I read from the success stories and the video of Lily to the wonderful work you do encouraged me to want to help by adopting a rescued Westie. I filled out the adoption form and received a wonderful call from Elizabeth the next day. We had a nice conversation and of course Ellie was a big part of it. I want to tell you that the call from Elizabeth was so caring, so understanding that it has helped ease the pain of losing Ellie; I really needed a great listener so a huge thanks to Elizabeth