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Here is a picture of my sweet Libby, looking ever so scruffy, just before she went for her very last hair cut of her very short life.

I got Libby as a surrender when she was only 2 years old from a family who had purchased her, but could no longer care for her. She was a pretty badly behaved little girl when I first met her, but she got better and better each and every day and became the sweetest most loving Westie a Mommy could ask for!

Libby passed away at the ago of 7 years old from a blood disorder. We did everything we could to save our little girl, but it was not meant to be.

I will never forget my first little Westie...she alone started my love affair with this breed and because of her I am now the Director of Westies in Need and continue to rescue dozens and dozens of Westies each year who need our help.
Her wonderful legacy lives on.