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Our sweet Molly has left us and in that place in my heart there is a large hole.......I have a very hard time thinking of her right now as her absence is so new that we still look for her daily and she's not there now.

Molly's nic name was Mad Dog Mol, because she loved to play and growl and chase her sister and the others.......You could pick her up and give her a little shake and she'd do her mad dog act and show fangs and growl.....she loved it and it made us all howl with laughter....Molly also loved to bite and chase my vacuum cleaner along with her daughter Bess, Effa, McGregor and Aunt Maggie too! It was sometimes very difficult to get the house cleaning done because they all thought it was time to play "attack the big green monster vacuum! She also loved tug of war and fetch until your arm felt like it would fall off! There was never a dull moment in our lives with Molly and her Clan....our lives were full.

Molly slept up against my back and wouldn't let anyone come near me....she guarded me with all her might.....she loved being held and would lay upside down with her head hanging over your arm.........and at TV time she took her spot of priority on my lap, her on the left, Aunt Maggie on the right...and both bothering me for belly rubs :o) And boy howdy did they love their little bums itched too! They'd wiggle and waggle back and forth full of ecstasy. But in return I received lots of wet doggie kisses....Molly was especially good at it and did it with gusto until you had to run laughing to get away before she licked off all of your features!

Molly and the clan loved to go out to the yard and run laps as fast as their little legs could go and boy oh boy that is fast!! To let the clan out we would have to put out sentries to keep them from going out of there you are 5 little Westies running helter-skelter as fast as they could....crashing into each other, jumping over each other, rolling in the grass and trying to escape to the horse paddock to get a good roll in a fresh pile of horse dung! What a circus....better than a circus....they brought bellys laughs and hugh smiles to our lives and Molly and her clan are and will be forever the joy of my life who I can barely stand being gone....She was the greatest friend a human could ever have, a long with her little Westie family.

RIP my little heart is broken with out you here by my side but I will come looking for you and the clam when it is my time to go.............

Love, Granny Chaney