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"Our" Sweet Girl Lea Elizabeth Westie

This memorial letter has the emphasis on the word "OUR".

Westies in Need-- Quebec co-ordinator is Elizabeth Pierce. Elizabeth P. originally rescued 'our' little Lea. Elizabeth took Lea for medical treatment and found out she had diabetes- next steps!- getting Lea to proper foster parents for excellent Westie care.

That was Elizabeth and Remi (Lea's foster Mom and Dad), story goes Elizabeth Chown Lafreniere carried Lea in a sling on her chest to keep her warm and bring her comfort.

Mike and I were contacted and asked if we would like to have little Lea, knowing she had diabetes. Elizabeth Pierce drove Lea from Montreal to meet Mike and I in Ontario. Lea arrived on Friday March 25th, 2016.

I took 'our' Lea to the Vet on Easter Monday March 28th, Dr. Christie met me at the clinic (this is the same team that looked after Clyde the Westie Man). > > The official records at the Vet Clinic declare her name as "Lea Elizabeth"; I gave her the second name Elizabeth in honor of the two women who helped Lea when her life was in the balance.

Lea Elizabeth has stolen everyone's hearts, and I do mean almost everyone she met. The Westies in Need rescue contacts, the Veterinarian Teams, my family (including my two other Westie girls Maggie and Nanook), St. Joseph's Hospice of London loved her. The students at King's University were delighted when she came for a visit. I took her everywhere with me, she belonged to everyone and she loved being-- 'OURS'.

Lea Elizabeth died peacefully on Friday February 17th, from complications with having both diabetes and Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency EPI. 'Our' sweet little girl's body could not take any more. It took all of us working together to give little Lea Elizabeth, a chance to live, a chance at good veterinarian care, a chance to know freedom running on the farm with other Westies, a chance to bring a smile to someone else's face. Lea Elizabeth was 'OURS'

With warmest regards, Mary and Michael


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