“Scratch a Westie and you'll find a permanent job”8


From the first moment we met our precious fur baby we loved her. We had been on the waiting list for almost a year....no matter, we wanted a ''westie''.

Play time started that first day and lasted for 17 years and 3 months.

Dougall got her name from a male ''scottie dog'' we visited in Glasgow Scotland many years ago. We liked the name and said if we ever got a westie male or female, the name would be Dougall.

A very social little dog, she was always pleased when guests arrived, meeting them at the top of the stairs, she would invite them in by raising her right paw in the air, the same gesture she used when she wanted to play or receive a treat. Her human Grandfather (of Scottish descent) as a rule, was not fond of dogs. The little westie worked her magic and he soon succumed to her charms. They became very close and we always suspected the reasons for his many visits. When he passed away we took her to the cremation burial site a few days later, she got out of the car trotted some 150 yards turned right and was sitting by his grave when we caught up. Something we will never be able to explain!

Most everyone in town knew Dougall and ''Piper'' (her half brother) as they greeted residents on their almost daily walks. Dougall was always a cuddler with an abundant amount of kisses, which she would with-hold when she realized we were leaving for a few minutes, but all was forgiven when we returned. The things she enjoyed most were family time, belly rubs, beach, camping, walks, rubber balls and her stuffed toys which she knew by name.

She did not have many dislikes.... but of course thunder, vet visits and spa days. When leaving us that final day, we held her in our arms, our minds flooded with all the memories of her life well lived, and our good fortune to have shared it all. We miss our wonderfull little girl, and she will always be in our hearts. We still expect to see her on her special cushion in the bay window, watching for friends and squirrels.

Sending our love and kisses on angel wings, till we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Shawna & Ron ----aka--- Mom & Dad

Dougall Dougall

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