“You can't buy love, but you can rescue it”11


Jackie belonged to my husband’s parents first and after they passed away, she came to live with us and our other westie Jack.

She was about five years old then. She was a very affectionate and cuddly dog, who loved people and other dogs. She did have a strong personality and bossed Jack around. He was not very happy when she arrived on the scene but they learned to co-exist nicely together.

She was in very good health during most of her life, never had an off-day, and we thought she would live a long life. However she was diagnosed with kidney disease in the spring of 2009 and she died in November of the same year.

I cried every day for months. She left a big void in our life, never to be forgotten and always loved.

Below is Jackie and Jack cuddling!

Jackie and Jack cuddling

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