“When I needed a hand....I found your paw”5


Clyde was a darling boy who had a very bad start to life. Clyde was seized, along with another Westie and many, many other dogs from a backyard breeder/mill who kept all the dogs in large pens. The other little Westie, a boy named Toby, was fortunate enough to be in a pen with dogs that were gentle, but our Clyde was not. He was housed in a pen where he was tortured by the other dogs day after day and when he was taken by the authorities, he was in very rough shape. The picture below is a picture of our Clyde, the day he arrived...

He went immediately to our Vet and into foster care and his foster family did not miss a moment to ask us if they could adopt this fabulous boy and make him part of their family! Of course, we said YES!!!!
Clyde was the very loved and treasured boy of Mary and Mike and family!

Clyde had only been in his new and forever home for a few weeks when we received an e-mail from him…he wrote:
Dearest Aunty Corrie, Mom got your envelope full of goodies yesterday. First may I thank you for hearing my cries for help and bringing me to Canada. Update on my health, I have permanent eye damage in my left eye and am partially blind, I have lost hearing in my left ear from bite damage, my neck and head have so much scar tissue I may not have hair there, BUT, all of these problems matter nothing to me, I see and hear with my HEART, and my hair well, I'll let you know in a few months how that looks. Thank you for saving my life!
Your Westie Nephew,

On Nov. 22nd...just a very short 10 months after he was saved...Clyde passed....here is the e-mail from Clyde's Mommy...

"It is with a sorrowful heart that we must tell you, our CLYDE, the Westie Man, died this afternoon, of a massive heart attack. It was a glorious day here at the farm, 15 degrees, beautiful sunny day, Clyde was playing in the back yard. He simply lay down and his little heart stopped. We rescued this brave little man in February, nursed him back to health as best his little body could repair. I suppose when we rescue these precious little dogs we never really know the extent of what they may have lived. I do know this and I hope it helps in some small way. In the short time Clyde was a part of our FAMILY he was loved so much. He died very, very, quickly and he was so very happy in the last 10 months."


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