“Westies are little miracles with paws”4

Maggie Mae

It’s with a VERY HEAVY HEART that we share the news of our Maggie Mae’s passing.

Maggie Mae was our first puppy girl together and for the past 14 years has provided us with a common bond in loving her and she was our inspiration in being involved with WiN rescue for the past ten years.

Maggie mae has provided us with an unmeasurable amount of love and we will be forever in her debt for everything she has given and showed us throughout her life with us. Being close to fourteen years old, we never expected that her life would be cut short by cancer, we fully expected her to be with us for a long time still. Her passing was sudden and a shock, it hurts more than can be explained in simple words.

She has touched our lives and will forever continue to do so for as long as we are on this earth, before we can join her one day. She leaves behind her sister Miss Mollie who has not yet realized that Maggie Mae is not coming home as she is continuously waiting for her in her usual places where she expects Maggie mae to be or come from.

Your human sister and brother already miss you my baby girl, Daddy and Mommy will always be here and look forward to having you with us once again!!



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