“Home is where my Westie is”10


Although we knew this day was coming, it breaks our hearts to share the news of the passing of our sweet Elsie. Unfortunately, Elsie had her fair share of health challenges, kidney disease being the one that finally took her away from us. But she was a stubborn wee westie and she lasted longer than any of us thought she would, we feel so lucky we had her in our lives for nearly 16 amazing years.

She was my constant companion, never far from my side, my kayak buddy and co-pilot. She loved everyone, had a gentle wise soul and was the reason we become involved with Westies in Need Rescue many years ago. Elsie welcomed every foster into our home and showed them the ropes, gave them confidence and helped them on their journeys to their own forever homes.

She was a true westie, so sassy and chatty a true terrier - always bossing us about and so, so stubborn but we wouldn't have had it any other way.

We miss you so much, run free sweet girl. ❤️


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