“When I needed a hand....I found your paw”5


Brody (AKA Buba, Brod Man, Monkey,  Brodster the Roadster). Brody was 3 when he arrived on my doorstep as a WiN rescue from Ohio in November 1, 2009.  I will forever be grateful to Jeannine for bringing him across the border to begin our lives together. 


He was my best friend for the past 11 years, fierce protector and my shadow. Where I went, he went. Whether it was going for a walk, to the beach, sitting beside me to watch tv or attending work conferences, he was always by my side. To know him was to love him. He was such a good boy. The best boy. Even after his lymphoma diagnosis in May, he fought so hard to hang on as long as possible. Imagining life without him is beyond devastating.  I’m so grateful for being able to work from home during Covid for the last 5 months so we could cherish his last months together. 


Little man if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Your paw prints are forever etched in my heart and I will miss you everyday until we meet again. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge sweet boy xoxo. 


Love Mummy & Rick; Ma & Pa; Kristin, Eric & Nya.


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