“Friends “Fur”-ever”1


Sam came into my life when he was 3 years old. 

His original owner went into a nursing home which was to be temporary and I cared for Sam.  When it was no longer going to be temporary, I kept Sam and gave him the best life possible. 

My last dog, Cirrus a cocker spaniel had passed 5 yrs prior and I could not bring myself to get another dog until my little Sam came along.  He taught me to love of the LWD and made me love the breed even more.  He saved me and taught me to open my heart again.  He brought so much joy with his westitude and all. 

Sam enjoyed his walks at the park, car rides, Arby's roast beef and playing with his brother Jake, and my mom's dogs Danica and Charlie. 

Sam was the light of my life for so long til Jake came along and they both became my bookends whom I could never imagine life without. 

I was thankful for the 9 yrs we had together and only wish we had more time together.  I know he is now painfree and gone from sight, but will never be forgotten and always be with me in memory and in my heart.

Gone, but not forgotten.  Always in my heart, my sweet pea Sam. ❤


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