“Friends “Fur”-ever”1


It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Pippa.  

She came to us in 2011 from WIN, with nothing but a rubber chicken toy and a fascination for a new life in Oakville. Although feisty at first and not the most tolerant dog with our other Westie, Tilly. After Tilly passed Pippa blossomed into the most loveable Westie imaginable. We called her the “gentlest of Westies” and she was friendly with everyone and followed my wife everywhere, always expecting a “treat” and loving every mealtime to its utmost, be it breakfast, dinner (promptly at 3:30 or we were herded into the kitchen from wherever) or her evening “snack”.

We will miss her antics, her “signature leg” stretching out when she was relaxed, her habit of manipulating every cushion in the house to her comfort specifications, her gentle scratching of the bed post in the mornings in order to be lifted onto the bed and her contented sighs when going to bed. 

RIP little one.



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