“Scratch a Westie and you'll find a permanent job”8


There just aren’t words to describe the loss of our beloved Charlie. It was love at first sight when we first met at an indoor play day.

He was our shadow and constant companion who went everywhere with us. He loved his walks that we called walk and roll as he would take a few steps then jump up and then roll on his back. He had a cute little hop that he took about every twenty steps.
His favourite toy was his stuffed monkey and of course he loved squeaky balls. Every morning he would pat Daddy’s leg as it was time for his scratchies then over to Mom for morning cuddles. Charlie’s favourite backyard activity was chasing squirrels and making sure the hikers in the field behind our house weren’t getting too close.

His foster Mom, Susan, said he was perfect Charlie and he truly was. We never had issues with him. He was so well behaved.

There will never be another like you Charlie and we will hold you in our hearts for as long as we live. I truly hope we will meet again in heaven.

RIP our precious sweet boy. ❤️❤️





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