“A spoiled rotten Westie lives here”7


Quincy faced many challenges in his health since June, 2020 but he was stoic in his daily life transitioning to shorter walks and wagon rides. With an end stage chronic heart  condition, thyroid condition, two recent syncope episodes (fainting due to lack of oxygen to the brain) and an eye ulcer that would not heal, he was dealing with a lot and running out of steam.

Facing a winter underweight, unsteady and with vision and hearing loss, it was time to say goodbye despite having a good appetite and clean habits.

He will be fondly remembered by all who met him on walks or sat with him in a retirement home, library floor, school or university bench, and hospital chair. He brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people.

He was a wonderful and sweet companion.

The little white dog in the blue wagon.



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