“Home is where my Westie is”10


Angus was a WIN rescue given a forever home the day he walked into our lives. Neighbours, friends, and the dog community welcomed him and while his confidence grew, he soon became a memorable presence in the neighbourhood.
He forged new relationships by helping other rescues integrate into their new lives. For all those that knew him, his sweet, happy character is missed by all and he lives in our hearts forever.

A wee toast to our beloved Angus. Miss you. Love you. T&R;

In wood and wild, ye warbling throng,
Your heavy loss deplore;
Now, half extinct your powers of song,
Sweet Angus is no more.

Ye jarring, screeching things around,
Scream your discordant joys;
Now, half your din of tuneless sound
With Angus silent lies.


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