“Happiness is a cozy Westie”9


Aspen, you came to us at the age of 4 after being retired from your breeding job. Your breeding life was spent in isolation with very little stimulation, companionship and “little to no” touch. Unfortunately that affected you throughout your life.

You helped us mentor 9 “Foster” Westies that spent time with our family. After bringing our “Higgins” into your life you bonded with him and opened yourself up to new experiences, loving touches, people, playing, chasing critters, accepting and enjoying our love.

After Higgins passed away you grieved for so long that we decided you needed another companion. It was then Molly came into your life and she was with you till the end.

Aspen you were a very special little girl. Inside the house you were shy, quiet and hidden away but outside the house it was “critters beware”. Even after being with us for 10 years you were still quite reserved but we always knew you loved us.

You are greatly missed!

Love Mum Dad Molly


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