“Westies are little miracles with paws”4

Bailey Boy

With a great sadness I must tell you that my beloved Bailey finally lost his battle with diabetes on May 20, 2011, 13 yrs and 9 months.

Bailey was a great dog. He never did anything bad. He was an independent little terrier who had a free spirit. Bailey was never a lap dog until these past few weeks but he was always close by. He visited my dad regularly when he was in long term care and his arrival always brought a smile to dad's face; he went to Afrofest; he came to my retirement party; he went everywhere with me.

I have memories of him cutting figure eights in the park and retrieving a ball from the lake but only if his feet didn't leave the bottom; he donated to C.I.U.T. He loved Dairy Queen and we had one in Fergus when we went up on May 17 the see his breeder for the last time.

Thank you to all my friends for understanding how important Bailey was to my life and for welcoming him into your homes.

Thank you especially to Angela, Stephanie, Pierre and Lisa who gave Bailey his insulin when I couldn't be here. And to Nancy who walked Bailey ( actually NOBODY ever walked Bailey...Bailey walked you) when I was still working. Of course I shall miss him terribly but I know it is the rhythm of life and I was so fortunate to have been entrusted with his full time care for these past 7 years and a few on and off years before that.

I will be planting a tree for Bailey in one of the city parks where we had so many wonderful walks.


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