“Westies are little miracles with paws”4


It is with a heavy heart and many, many tears flowing right now that we must let you know that our little 8 year old boy Westie-one of the little ones we just received into our rescue, Buffy, has passed away.

He had gotten ill almost as soon as he arrived at his foster home and was seen by the Vet right away-blood work etc. was done and he was diagnosed with Copper Associated Chronic Hepatitis.

His levels were as follows:

  • his AST level was 474 (norm is 5 to 71)
  • his ALT level was 834 (norm is 5-95)
  • his ALB level was 985 (norm is 24-141)

The Neurofils in his blood (which indicates infection in his organs) was 78.5 (norm is 3-11.5) He indeed was a VERY sick boy.

There was nothing that could be done-his foster family were with him till the end.

In all the years and all the rescues, we have never lost a Westie-this is our first and he was so sweet.
Rest well Buffy-I wish we could have done more for you...we are so very sorry...you truely were a Westie in Need.


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