“Changing Lives, One Westie at a Time”6


We have recently had to say goodbye to our wonderful westie Cauli (aka, Cauliflower as named by her big human sister Brianne at age 2).

She came into our lives in July, 1997 as a small, hyperactive bundle of white fur and easily adapted into our growing family. A year and a half following Cauli's arrival, little human brother Bryce came along. The family grew up with Cauli right in the thick of things.

She loved to be outside with her human siblings, though she was easily distracted by the terrier instinct to chase squirrels. Of course she carried the Westie attitude and refused to wear a pair of boats that she got for Christmas one year, they were apparently "cramping her style". Although she could be somewhat aloof with other animals, Cauli's circle of friends eventually grew to include cousin Riley (a black Lab) and Winston (the neighbour's cat that moved in on and off).

One of Cauli's favourite places to visit was the cottage. She loved sticking her nose out the window on the car ride there, and chasing the ducks into the lake. She was also a regular during the 7 years of a daily morning paper route, even though she never saw a penny of the money earned. She was always ready to go at 6:30am or earlier, even if the human paper carriers were not.

We are grateful for the extra year and a half we had with her after her near drowning (still chasing those squirrels) and even though we had over 17 years with her, it went by in a flash.

Cauli was a wonderful little friend and an important member of our family. We miss her immensely.

Cauli & Riley

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