“Woof means Friend”2


There is that one really special one that comes along.

The dog that understands every word that you say.  The dog that is that perfect mixture of intelligent, stubborn, independent; but ,at the same time, very sweet. The dog that you’ve cared for from 12 weeks old until 15 3/4 years old

The dog that you spent years talking to even though they didn’t say anything in return; you know they were listening.

The dog who has looked at you so many times when they didn’t feel well, and you always made sure that you fixed it. 

Until, finally, that one day comes when they look at you and you know that you can’t fix it anymore; but they still trust that you will. You feel helpless, but you know that you have done everything in their life to keep them as happy and healthy for as long as possible. 
Now, it’s time for them to be at peace.

My Little Valentine , Cosie.❤️



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