“Westies are little miracles with paws”4

Dolly Lee

The date of Dolly's birth is an approximation.  Perhaps it's best that it is.  Dolly came into this world in the most abject of circumstances.  She was born, raised and spent the first 4 1/2 years of her life as a breeder in an Amish Ohio mill.  This little lady was rescued and began her life - her real life - when an extraordinary woman named Lee Secor took her into her care.  Lee was an active volunteer with Westies in Need.  Her love of Dolly was well known.  She recognized that Dolly had issues which required a bit more attention, a bit more patience, a bit more understanding than most Westies require.   Lee did this until the moment Lee passed away in February of 2014.  But her care and love for Dolly did not end there.  Prior to her passing she talked with Jan and myself regarding us adopting Dolly when the time came. 

So - in February 2014, Dolly Lee became a treasured member of the Winer household.  A sister to Skye, another Ohio rescue.   Her quirky poopy dance, her slightly bewildered look at the world around her, her desire to continue to be loved and be a part of our world - all these things and more endeared her to us in a very short time.   At the various WiN functions - the outdoor walk, the indoor Winter play days, the countless  community events throughout Ontario where WiN would set up its Green Tent - Dolly would always participate and be an ambassador for all those rescues which had found a better life and those Little White Dogs which as yet, still long to be rescued.

Several months ago Dolly was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.  At that time her heart was approx. 30% larger than normal.  It continued to grow and Dolly's quality of life deteriorated noticeably.

Jan and I decided that it was time.  Time for Dolly to be reunited with the lady who loved and cared for her from the time of her being rescued to the moment Lee passed.   We know that our decision was necessary, but that does nothing to lessen the pain of having to make it.   Many tears have been shed.  We are and will be forever grateful to Lee Secor for having entrusted the care of Dolly to us.  We know that there is joy in heaven with the two of them being once again together - forever.

Jan and Brian Winer



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