“Changing Lives, One Westie at a Time”6


Joining our family in September 2016 at approximately 10 years old, Faith had survived life in a cage outside at a backyard breeder and was finally able to share her sweet and loving personality with a family that loved her just the same.  During the first weeks with our family, she would wake up
and howl with delight when she realized where she was.

Faith was the sweetest and kindest soul.  As she gained confidence she very quickly made friends with every dog she would meet on walks, wagging her tail hello.  She also gathered socks and stuffed animals around her favourite spot on the couch, her puppies.

In July 2017, we brought home a friend for Faith, Leo.  Faith was so gentle and kind to Leo, and Leo learned when was play time and when Faith needed to rest.   With two trips to the ocean including running in the beach, camping trips and many walks, plus a family that included furry and human pack
mates, including an extended family who loved her too, we are all thankful Faith received the love she so deserved.

We will miss her sweet eyes and her nuzzles for pets.  Goodbye sweet Faith.

We are so thankful for what you taught us about forgiveness and unconditional love. 


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