“Life is just a series of Westies”3


Jake rescued me on June 28, 2014.  When I saw Jake's picture on Petfinder I knew immediately he was the exact friend Sam needed. 

After contacting the shelter in Oskaloosa, IA, I applied.  Shocked and surprised they allowed me to adopt him as it was an 18.5-hour drive round trip from home in Toledo, OH. 

He instantly became inseparable from Sam and they became the best of friends.  He was my baby and enjoyed walks on his stroller, car rides, swinging in his swing daily and playing with Sam and my mom’s dogs, Danica and Charlie. 

He brought so much joy to my life in the short 6 years we were together, but so
glad I was able to provide him with a safe and loving home after a life of what I suspect abuse in his first 5 years of life. 

Though he may be gone, his memory and love will always be with me.  I only wish he had more time with his new brother Max before leaving for the
rainbow bridge.

Gone, but not forgotten.  Always in my heart, my sweet baby boy Jake.  ❤


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