“Woof means Friend”2


Jazz was born January 18, 2008 and crossed over the rainbow bridge on March 27th, 2023 – waiting for her was her best buddy Chester. 
Jazz was so loved by Mike and Karen McIvor.  We could fill pages of her memories from the day we brought her home (no bigger than a bag of milk) and as she aged gracefully through the years – these memories will be treasured forever in our hearts. 
Jazz was our smallest westie, her westitude shone through each day, she had the cutest westie bum and oh how she loved to run.  She would beat her buddy Chester every time they had a race. Her favorite toy was a stuffed squirrel that she treasured for fifteen years, she took it for walks around yard each day, shook the dickens out of it and brought it to bed each night.  Jazz was her given name but she was also “my little girl” or “my pumpkin”. 

Rest in Please “my little girl” you are young again so “Run Jazzy Run”



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