“Scratch a Westie and you'll find a permanent job”8


Kenzie came to us in August 2015. It was love at first sight when she visited our home with Elizabeth Pierce.

Our brief 5 years together were a learning experience for both Kenzie and us (Patrick and Cynthia Seckinger). She learned to walk on a leash, chase her soccer ball, play in the snow, all the while bravely conquering her fears (primarily of large vehicles and loud noises). 

She was our constant companion, especially during this work-at-home lockdown, where she spent hours in the office on the easy chair. It will be a long time before I sit in that chair. It became Kenzie’s chair and contains all the wonderful memories of her time with us.

She left us suddenly, and her loss to us empty-nesters is a shock.

Rest In Peace sweet Kenzie.


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