“Happiness is a cozy Westie”9

Rob Roy MacGregor

Rob Roy MacGregory, my little man passed away Feb 4, 2009 at 8 am of an apparent heart attack, he was 14.6 years old.

Greg had a large tumor growing inside that was taking away all of his red bloodcells....there wasn't anything we could do to save him because if there had been I would of moved heaven and hell to get it done. But because of Greg's age the vet discouraged me from any surgery and sent us home with pain pills and a sad smile knowing what the out come was going to be.

Greg was my funny boy.....he sired one litter of puppies with Molly before they were spayed and nutered....All the puppies went to the most loving of homes.....two sons age 14 live in Amherst, Ont. Tavish and Dougle. Bess, Effa, Bre and Jules have since passed over the rainbow bridge along with their mom Molly.

Greg loved to body slam the girls and do the neatest little sexy Westie dance for Molly and Maggie you ever have seen.....he was just too funny. Greg did not like the horse vet, Kirsten. Every time she'd come to the house to be paid, Greg would lay under the kitchen table and growl at her.....I'd have to chase him out of the room.....but he'd sneek back in and start growling again....silly fellow.

He hated me to bathe and would jump up on the edge of the tub with two paws and try and lick all the water off of me.....I often wondered if he thought I might be drownding and he needed to lick me safe?

Oh how I miss my little man.....words can not express my loneliness for his loves and kisses and his silly little dances.....see you someday soon dear little friend.

Love Grandma Chaney


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