“You can't buy love, but you can rescue it”11


Macallan, named after the well-known single malt from Scotland, was born on June 12, 1996 and came into our lives on August 10th that year – just in time to go on our annual camping trip to Cyprus Lake.
From Day 1 Macallan enriched our lives and was such a joy. He took his Mom to Puppy School – and helped her pass. At 6 months he qualified as a St. John’s therapy dog and spent many happy years visiting the elderly and sick in Guelph.
He loved kids and his walks were always directed to where he could hear children playing – it helped that we lived near a school!

In August, 1998 his half-brother Scapa joined the family and they were the best of friends until Scap left us in February of last year. Mac enjoyed life to the fullest and loved everyone he met. A welltravelled little boy, he had trips to the the beaches of Cozumel, the ruins of Copan in Honduras, the island of Guanaja, the cloud forest in the Parque Nacional Montana de Celaque, the Window of the Wind, and Finca del Cafe in Honduras. He also travelled east to Newfoundland, north to the Bruce Peninsula and Kapuskasing, and south to the USA.

In foreign lands, along with Scapa, he was a great icebreaker and magnet to local children, followed by their parents who marveled that anyone would take dogs from Canada to Honduras on an airplane. Mac’s early years were in Guelph where he learned to walk on sidewalks, not bark loudly and avoid chicken bones along the route.

At 2 and a half he moved to Puslinch and loved the country life, reveling in the vast array and abundance of wildlife to chase. Fortunately, he loved the “chase” because he was never successful at the “catch” – though one year he did find a baby rabbit which he gently brought to his Mom to rescue. When the grandchildren arrived he generously shared his Mom and Dad with them – helped by the fact he discovered they were a great source of food! He loved his walks, especially if he didn’t have to wear his coat, and food but, best of all, his family and friends.

Supervising food preparation was his major job and he took it very seriously – demanding to taste each step of the process. Apart from not seeing or hearing too well in later years, Mac had few health problems but, when he did need help, his wonderful vet, Barb Deter, was there to sort him out.

In June last year his new little brother, Cadam, arrived. The adjustment took a little while but they were soon great friends – especially once Cadam realized that Mac was (and always would be) the TOP DOG. Cadam gave Mac a new lease on life but was a little too boisterous for him and Mac was glad to have Tammy (our three-year-old rescue) join the family in January this year. The three dogs had a fun-filled year together, including a holiday to Atlantic Beach, NC and to see the fall colors in Algonquin.

A few short weeks ago, Mac started to have episodes (almost a faint) – very brief and he bounced back immediately. As the frequency increased we realized that there would come a time when he would not bounce back.
On November 11th we left for 10 days in California, saying a special good-bye to Mac “just in case”. It was just as well, as in the early hours of Tuesday, November 13th, while sleeping on grandson Cameron’s bed, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join his beloved Scapa.

It was fitting that our sweet, gentle little boy went so peacefully. He gave us 16 and a half years of complete and utter joy and has earned his rest.

Please drink a toast to our beautiful, lovable and much loved Macallan.


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