“Friends “Fur”-ever”1


Maddy (Mandy originally) was a WIN westie. She was 10 years old when she came from Ohio to the Toronto area to a WIN foster.

One night we were looking through the website and saw her and decided to donate the cost of her dental and vet check up, of course that wasn't it and within a week we'd applied for her adoption.

Maddy had fairly developed arthritis which meant a bad rear hip and some issues with pain and fitness. Our wonderful vet (Dr Douglas at Valley Veterinary in Carleton Place) got her the right medications and with a diet change she was off to the races; a westie in every way, just a bit slower.

I will never be able to quite express how lucky we were and how grateful we are to WIN for trusting us with Maddy, who was a little ray of sunshine in my family for three years.

We were surprised with a cancer diagnosis, in October of last year, that left us with less than a month with her. Maddy never knew and was happy to spend her last days at a house in the country and at the cottage with her close and extended family, eating human food, sleeping and spending hours on walks sniffing things.

If you're reading this, you're probably a westie owner, and maybe one who has also lost your westie. So you probably understand that there is no way I can share with you in words our sadness at losing Maddy or the sum total of what she was and meant to us.

What I can tell you is that every westie you have will bring you years of joy and will be something unique and remarkable in your life. And that while time eases all things, you will always have a special place for every westie you've had. Three years with Maddy is fewer than we would have wanted, but we would never give them back.

Maddy will always be missed and loved by Mark, Susan and her extended family (human and canine).


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