“Woof means Friend”2


Maggie was so very special to us. 

We started dog sitting Maggie when she was a year old because her master was very sick.  Her master past away sadly and we inherited her. 

Maggie always sat beside us while we were watching television and slept at the foot of our bed.  She loved to play with her squeaky toys and loved sitting on her ottoman in the front window and barked at all the squirrels.  Maggie was a great traveler.  We took her to Florida every year.  When my mom died I would cry and Maggie would come over to me and lick my face.  It’s like she knew I was upset and she comforted me.  

Maggie collapse in our home in November 2020.  We rushed her to emergency and she was diagnosed with two tumours.  They were successfully removed.  She was back to her old self in two weeks but we were told it may come back.  It did come back a year later.  So we decided it was her time to let her go.  Maggie was 14 years 10 months when she passed in our arms.  We loved her so much.  We miss her so much. 




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