“Westies are little miracles with paws”4


Mason was born on Nov 14 2008 and we got him 8 weeks later because his shots made him sick.

He was a hand full and full of puppy energy. As a little puppy he would run up the stairs ( which he couldn't climb back down ) and would crawl under the couch. As he got older he would jump on the couch to join us.

Over the years his passion was the snow, and his 2nd home, the cottage. He loved every summer there, chasing the squirrels and chipmunks. One thing he never stopped doing even 2 weeks before he passed was going into the water. He would jump in, drink water then jump out and roll everywhere. This was his routine every weekend.
He was special our little stubborn boy. Some days we never thought we would get home from a walk as he sniffed each and every patch of grass. He loved treats and his favourite toy, peppa pig.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia on Sept 29 and Passed at home in our arms on Oct 1/2023. His suffering was short.

We love our Mason very much and will miss him forever.

Run Free forever at the cottage.



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