“Happiness is a cozy Westie”9

Mr. Moe
Mr. Moe

Moe was a sweet sweet Westie , never met a dog with so much character and personality.

In his younger years, when he wasn't getting into trouble, he was running around chasing squirrels and chipmunks. He also had many girlfriends in his years (he even dug under the fence to the neighbours yard to see his girlfriend Gigi) .

Typical Westitude, having to investigate everything and everyone who walked though the door. On Christmas and birthdays he became an expert at opening presents. and even opening his Lucky Red Pocket on Chinese New year.

He really appreciated the company he had his entire life, also appreciated he had Kismet. He lived an amazing long life.

He will always be remembered as the Westie / our baby with so much character right until the end.gone but never forgotten

August 23 , 1996- April 8, 2013

Moe Lai


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