“A spoiled rotten Westie lives here”7


We adopted Pearl from WIN over 10 years ago and never once did we question our decision. Pearl was a bit of a difficult adoption because she had a growly temperament and it probably took her a good year for her to settle into our family and to feel comfortable in her forever home.

Pearl had the biggest personality for such a small dog.  She could be scrappy and growl and the next minute she would cuddle up to you and paw at you until you pet her. She was a smart dog who loved outdoors and sitting on our front porch. Pearl would sit on the porch and watch dogs and people go by without so much as a bark or growl. Pearl loved the sun and rolling in the grass but most of all she just loved to be around us.

Pearl was probably one of the best dogs we have ever had, and she will be so missed by our family and friends who all loved her so much.

Thank you, Pearl, for being part of our family, for loving us and for trusting us to give you your forever home. Gone but never forgotten.

With all our love,

Linda, Peter and Aria Fleming-Francey


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