“Home is where my Westie is”10


A little bit about Sassy.

She came to us about 6 years ago, at the age of 3.

She looked like a tiny ball of fur, only weighing 3 pounds. My partner, Petra and I welcomed her with lot's of love.
Sassy enjoyed walks on the beach, chasing squirrels and always letting us know when someone was at the door. She had a love for life and for people. Her tail wagged when she saw someone walking toward her. She barked when you stopped petting her, as if it just wasn't enough.

Sassy had not one mean bone in her body. She would cuddle with you and sit in your lap, when you sat for more than a minute. She was adventurous, but cautious. If it looked uncertain, whether it was going in further in the lake, or waiting for a much bigger dog to walk past her first, she still wanted to check things out. She knew what she what capable of.

Sassy was as lucky as a dog could be. She lived in a loving home, shared with my partner Petra, Sophie our other Westie and myself.

Now my home is empty, as they have all passed away in the last year.

This year Sassy travelled with me to the ocean, to Cape Cod, and to the lake at the cottage. She lived a good life and so did I for having had her in mine.

I will always love her and remember her sweet face.

I thank you both for all your love and support.


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