“Friends “Fur”-ever”1


Scottie was my confidante, my partner in crime but most of all he was my best friend.  Everyone thought I rescued him but in truth he rescued me.  He gave love with all his heart, never asking for much, except maybe for treats. He made my days brighter, the fibromyalgia pain was a little easier to handle with him by my side. 

He had a mind of his own, and a little stubborn at times.  He loved to be in the sun, I think it helped his arthritis pain in the last few years.  Even with his pain he would chase the squirrels, dig in the yard (we all thought he was trying to dig to China), he never stayed white for long, and I would not change that for all the money in the world. He hated bath time but loved his bow ties and his blankets.

All in all he was my sunshine even on the darkest days. He always brought joy with him where ever he went.  He loved to be held and cuddled. Anyone that met him loved him on sight. 

He was my baby and now that he is no longer with me in body but in spirit, I will treasure the memories of our time together.  Even though he was the family baby, he will forever be my baby. Our tears will dry up with time, our hearts will stop bleeding for him, but our love for him will never diminish.   

R.I.P. Scottie 




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