“When I needed a hand....I found your paw”5


Scottie was found on the streets of Montreal in 2010, hair so long and matted that they did not know he was a Westie.  He was sent to Toronto animal services and lucky my cousin Kristen worked there and called us immediately. 

She knew we had lost a Scotch Terrier a couple of years ago and knew we would take care of this bundle of energy. 

He was the most loving dog and went to anyone for petting.  He was a favourite at the Uxbridge Highland games and would go listen to my dad play the bagpipes downstairs. 

A year ago he was diagnosed with a tumor but in typical terrier fashion he was a fighter – not leaving us in December like it was thought but held on until July 2020. 

Scottie was my friend and utter companion, following me everywhere.  He loved chasing squirrels to his detriment (pulled ligaments in legs) and was a beloved rescue who also rescued us!


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