“Changing Lives, One Westie at a Time”6


It was in 2004 that we got a call to board a dog named Sparky, a Westie. We ran a dog boarding place so I said we do in-house for small dogs. When he arrived the owners said they were looking to find a permanent home for him. Well, long story short, he never left. He would have been 15 in April.

Sparky attended 3 Westie Walks  (2013-2015) and he loved it. He was the one that didn`t care about chasing the squirrels or playing games…he just liked to eat. That`s why the hotdog dunkin game was his favourite.

Sparky was not your typical westie…what I mean by that is he never left our property, even seeing a squirrel or a chipmunk, he loved all children and got along with all the dogs we brought in that we boarded.  But he was good to get dirty just after bringing him home from being groomed. I always called him my little toddler who loved to get into trouble.  My groomer would agree...he loved his groomer.

He loved his food even had to keep him away from the cat food, he loved being centre of attention, he was the boss of our 2 german shepherds.  He was great with our grandkids and was right there when food was dropped on the floor as children often do.

He always made us laugh....we will miss him so much...


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