“Scratch a Westie and you'll find a permanent job”8


Trying to sum up a description of Tommy could never do him the justice of actually knowing him.

He was a typical Westie, stalking, chasing squirrels, hunting rabbits in the backyard and chasing birds away. From the moment we brought him home he exuded energy and mischievousness.

When you looked at Tommy, his eyes reflected who he was; they revealed his personality. A loving dog, playful, trusting, always wanting to be petted or cuddled he became our cuddle bug. Everyone loved Tommy; you couldn't look at him and not see that love he would give you instantly. He was always sitting with or on one of us.

His nightly routine would be to come to bed - our bed but in his mind his bed, and paw at Geoff to pet him. Tommy would lie down and Geoff would roll him on his back and rub his tummy. Every night he lay in the crook of Geoff's arm asleep - until he stopped petting him and miraculously Tommy would wake up and ask for more "rubbage".

Tommy was a follower. Whatever his older brother Jack did, Tommy did. He spent so much time walking or running behind or beside Jack that he would bump into him thus starting an entire playful episode. They slept side by side, cuddled each other and us. Tommy was everyone's favorite.

We got Tommy on a lark. He was adopted and returned to the breeder because they wanted a stud and he didn't meet their specific requirements. We will always be grateful to them, for he was the most wonderful of pets.

Tommy became ill rather suddenly and within a few hours we were on our way to the Vet Emergency Clinic. On his third night there, he kissed all of us and then lay down where he exhibited signs of passing on. I believe he waited for all of us to be there with him to the end. Just over 48 hours and exhausting every possible test and medication, Tommy passed away.

He was only 7.

We will forever miss him.

November 17, 2002 - April 27, 2010



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