“Westies are little miracles with paws”4


In November 2002, our excited family drove to St. Catharines to meet our little Westie (born Sept 16, 2002), whom we named Trixie. She was the cutest puppy we had ever seen and immediately stole our hearts.

Trixie grew into the sweetest, friendliest and most loving dog. She gave kisses to strangers and became so excited to greet dogs along her walks. She loved treats like her little bone stuffed with peanut butter or liver bits, and all her toys, especially her toy gorilla. We’d often find her napping in her favourite spot - on top of all of our shoes!

In the fall of 2016, Trixie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and started treatment at OVC in Guelph, which she successfully completed in April 2017. She stayed in remission for two years, and went back to being the same playful Trixie as always. She started to slow down as time went on, trading squirrel-chasing for more snuggles. 

After the sudden onset of Vestibular Disease on April 23, 2019, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Trixie on the 25th.  

We are all heartbroken and our home will never be the same without our precious girl. We were blessed to have her for 16.5 years and she will never be forgotten.

Run free our darling little Trixie.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.


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