“When I needed a hand....I found your paw”5


Winnie was the half sister to Chance.  She came from the same back yard breeder and was born with unusually large pads on her front paws.  In later years they would cause her problems with infections etc. 

She was always surveying the garden and letting me know if a mouse or a bee was in a water dish, wading pool, or mini waterfall etc.She would give a "woo woo woo" to let me know something was amiss and that I needed to resolve the issue right away. 

She was diagnosed with westie lung disease and sick sinus syndrome in April 2016.  I was told that she would not make it to that Xmas. Well Winnie didn't know that and just kept trucking along, going on walks, though shorter ones, and surveying her garden domain for any intruders. 

Winnie was the mothering type, when I brought a tiny kitten home from the golf course, she adopted it and kept his face and bum clean and was ever watchful over Tictac.  It's probably why Tictac thinks he's a dog, due to Winnie. 

Then in April 2013, Winnie did her mothering again to a little tiny westie that came from a puppy mill in Quebec, that I named SweetPea.  She came into our lives, shortly after losing Chance and Winnie's half sister Hope unexpectedly in Florida. Winnie showed her how to use the ramps on the decks and keep the critters out of the back yard. 

In July her health had gotten worse as well as her sister Chance.  I had to make the hardest decision of my life and send them together to the Rainbow Bridge on July 25th.

SweetPea was with them when they passed and gave them lots of kisses.  I took them to be cremated together and once again SweetPea gave them kisses.  When I brought their ashes home, I gently put the silken bag with their names on it on the floor so SweetPea and Tictac could welcome them back home again.  Both SweetPea and Tictac kissed the bag...

Winnie is no longer in pain and is watching over us now too.  She had turned 16 on July 9th.  I sometimes think I can hear her doing her "woowoo" in the garden when I see a bug in her water dish....

Always by my side, forever in my heart...



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