“Happiness is a cozy Westie”9

JackPot and Shilo

Welcome 2 new additions to our WiN rescue. Please welcome Jackpot (cutest little Cairn in the world) and Shilo (she is a Westie).  These 2 sweethearts would like to stay together, so that is just what we will make sure happens!

An update...JackPot and Shilo have been adopted! They have found together their new and "fur"ever home with Lesley and her family.


An update the true success trajectory of this ultra sweet pair.  They could not be any more different in temperament or personality.

Shilo, now 12 years old, has the energy of a 2 year old.  As you can see she loves her toys and will play and chase by the hour, no exaggerating.  She is silly beyond words, loves her pal Jack but tests his patience when her playfulness gets a bit too close.  She loves her peeps but has very definite opinions of some folks and can be a most protective Westie.  We have learned to harness her fears, if that is indeed at the core, and let her decide who she tolerates and those she does not wish to
Jack is now 11 and about as chill as a dog can possibly be.  He loves his treats but can be very fussy about what goes in the dinner bowl.  He is so very affectionate with the most intense, big, brown eyes staring deep into one’s soul or so it feels.  If only we could read their minds.  He is a bit of a nervous fellow and I occasionally wonder if Shilo’s protective nature comes from this aspect of her pal Jack.  

This we will never know but are so very happy to have them bringing joy and smiles daily.

They are both excellent walkers, love the great outdoors but also enjoy sitting by the fire with their new best friends (two legged friends).  We really do feel they came to settle with us with minimal difficulty or anxiety.

WIN is the success story here and we could not be happier to be sharing Shilo & Jack’s progress with the WIN community.

Thank you Corrie & team for all the excellent work you do.


Lesley, Richard, Shilo & Jack





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