“Happiness is a cozy Westie”9


Jeremy.....well...where do we even begin! OK, we will start at the beginning...

Late one afternoon the phone rang and it was the Montreal SPCA ... they have a 13 year old partially deaf, visually impaired Westie that was brought in to them as a stray. They've held him the required time for a stray and he's now ready to be released....would our rescue take him???? Of course we would!

Our WONDERFUL co ordinator in Quebec jumped into the car to head over to the SPCA to pick up this senior fellow. She arrived to find a filthy little Westie ... covered in dreadlocks and caked in excrement. So pitiful looking, long hair covering his face ... you couldn't even see his eyes!

Stiff from being caged the last 12 days, it took us a long time, to go a really short distance ... over 15 minutes and we'd only made it to the parking lot.  However, this boy was happy to be outside in the fresh air.

We found a GREAT foster home and he was welcomed with open arms. A bath was next, then gently trimming some hair and crusted discharge from his eyes. Jeremy was very sensitive to anyone touching his face.

Next was a visit to the Vet...bloodwork was done and believe it or not, his blood panel results were amazing, so an appointment was booked for his dental work. Not a wonder this poor boy didn't want anyone to touch his face, his mouth was in a horrific state!!! While under anesthetic ... 14 teeth were removed, the remaining scaled and polished, his nails clipped (they were so long they had curled under into his pads!!) and his paw pads cleaned up ... they were infected from so much tangled hair and excrement caked into them. Anti-biotics and pain meds ... he was on his way to his foster home to begin recovery.

Each day has been a new beginning for Jeremy ... he has been gaining strength and feeling better!

An update...Jeremy has been adopted. We are very excited to share that Jeremy will find his forever home with Susan from Ottawa. It was LOVE at first sight! Susan has been a Westie owner her entire life and is very excited to become a family with Jeremy.


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