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WELCOME to our new rescue ....

4 yr old "Reece" came to us in need of urgent care as he has suffered a horrible injury to his paw/ankle ... caught in a snare (trap) and trying to free himself.  Reece is a "Miracle to be Alive" ... his little body is malnourished, paw/ankle is broken and is very badly infected. After consulting with our Orthapedic surgeon there is a "spark" of hope that Reece's injuries can be repaired.

An update...Reece has been under the care of an Orthopedic surgeon/wound care team and Neurologist. Sadly Reece suffered neurologicial damage from his trauma and has peacefully crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. This is not the outcome we had hoped for but rest assured, in the time he was with our rescue, he was loved and very well cared for.



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